alternative native

.....the other one

alternative native

.....the other one

Part 2 of the Earth series of the 4 Elements collection
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Earth 1 from the Four Elements collection

The first of the Earth element series. Head over to my facebook page Alternative Native @2native2buzz for shop links

Alternative Native

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I am primarily an Artist who happened upon Print on Demand shops and Surface Pattern Design.

Join me on my journey!

Skateboards (the Tribes-green)

(the Tribes-gold)

(kowhaiwhai 1)

(simple! repeat?)

(the Tribes-orange)

COMING SOON new collections!

AIR collection

EARTH collection

WATER collection

FIRE collection


next release in 2 weeks

simple repeat in green fabric

spoonflower for sheets, curtains, bolt fabric

dark blue paua fabric

spoonflower for sheets, curtains, bolt fabric

geometric green fabric

spoonflower for sheets, curtains, bolt fabric

flower daisy pattern fabric

spoonflower for sheets, curtains, bolt fabric

paua blue fabric

spoonflower for sheets, curtains, bolt fabric

Spoonflower Curtains

original traditional high-top shoes

te punawai-the spring

the Tribes-purple

the Tribes-gold

the Tribes-blue

the Tribes-purple Leggings

the Tribes-gold Leggings

the Tribes- blue Leggings

the Tribes- green Leggings

the Tribes- red Leggings


Tukutuku are the woven wall panels on a Maori meeting house. They symbolize the path between, or journey from the ancestors, to the present day, or the living. Although there are many traditional patterns, this is my interpretation.

My intentions

Original Art printed on clothing,homewares,etc.

I'll sell art prints, cards, and paper products,e.g. wrapping paper, notebooks, wrapping tissue, from here in the future.

Until I'm THAT organised  (lol) take a look through my POD shops. You can order from there if you find something you love!

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Ideally for Kids@redbubble

lol pm me we'll talk

"snapshots of a fractured culture"


"jury magnolia"

"pastel paua"

Original art, printed on tee shirts, homewares. sheets, curtains, dinnerware, shoes, and more.

Join me on my journey!!

These are my first steps.

Simple Repeat in blue

Alternative Native
@ (still a work in progress! More items to come in this collection.)

Pastel Paua
Artists Shop
One of the patterns from my Paua collection

Tribal Dance
I wanted to do something like te Uenuku,
something completely outside the square,
and this is one of the "what happened"s

Rolling Tide
Rolling Tide
An original design based on traditional Maori kowhaiwhai patterns.
The waves as they break on the shore.

Ideally for kids(2) flowers
Ideally designed for kids...
but if you really,really need a big size tee shirt...
lol pm me, we'll talk!

Native Bush

From a photograph of a native New Zealand fern, I digitally hand painted, tiled, and created this repeating pattern.

99 bottles
99 bottles
Not everyones cup of tea,
but for the man-cave or the she-shed,
what more could you need?
Beer o'clock all.